The Purity Bridge Approach to Facelifts

Since being at Purity Bridge, I have widened the scope of facelift techniques I have adopted. This has been one of the many great benefits of working as part of an aesthetic surgical team, where different colleagues can bring in different viewpoints and varying angles to the table.

Whilst the workhorse facelift for me remains a SMAS facelift, usually a SMASectomy or SMAS plication (with occasional SMAS flaps used), performing MACS lifts or mini-lifts are being requested more and more frequently, as patients are looking for quicker recovery and less downtime.

A SMAS lift will give the longest lasting outcome, however it is the most involved, and I completely understand that it is not for everyone. For some, the compromise between longevity of result, downtime and comfort with level of invasiveness (and for that matter risk) results in a different choice. This might be in the form of a mini face lift under local anaeshtetic, or a MACS lift, again a type of facelift that can be carried out under local anaesthetic.

As with all plastic surgery, when there are a variety of options, the right choice is the one that is tailored for your individual needs, once you have had a thorough and open discussion with a fully accredited consultant plastic surgeon.


The photos above demonstrate how a SMAS facelift can result in a natural “unoperated” on appearance – one that looks refreshed and subtle (with no evidence of a pull or having had work done!)

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