3-D simulation for Breast Augmentation

I am delighted to have introduced the latest technology to my practice to help you achieve the breast augmentation outcome you desire. By using the latest technology, I can demonstrate a high resolution 3D simulation of how you are likely to appear after surgery whilst we are in the consultation together.

This ability has really helped improve my communication with my patients regarding their likely outcomes from surgery. It means that it is no longer me visualising the outcome of surgery in my mind as I examine my patients, but now my patients can effectively see what I am thinking too! Until this time, the only way to get an idea of how you would look was by trying to picture it inside your head, and by looking at before and after photographs of other people who have had the procedure.

Crisalix 3D technology enables the potential differences between different implant choices to be seen, and the effect of changing the shape of the implant on the shape of your breast. This is all done in the consultation process, long before we move forwards with the operation itself.

There are no additional charges for the use of this technology, as my goal of incorporating it into my practice was to improve my communication with patients, and help ensure their expectations are realistic and well managed. Feedback has been excellent, and many of my patients have told me how helpful it has been in helping make decisions regarding surgery.

If you are interested in a 3D Crisalix simulation, please call on 01892 619 635 or email info@pacifico.co.uk

How does Crisalix 3D simulation work?

After examining you and making careful measurements, I will then perform the 3D-scan. This is done using an adapted I-Pad with a 3D sensor attached. It is a bit like taking a panoramic photograph using your smart phone, in that I will have to move around your body with the scanner to enable it to take multiple photographs from all angles.

The data is then processed and we are able to look at your 3D image on the large screen on the desktop computer. We can move the image round to look at you from all angles, and then simulate the changes with the planned possible breast implants. Again, these can be viewed from different angles so you can see how the implants effect changes in your breast size and shape.

I can also email you the images so you can look at the 3D simulations at home to help make your decision.

How accurate is the simulation?

I am often asked how accurate the simulations are. From my experience, and the published evidence, for smaller breasted women with little breast droop, the simulations can be very accurate indeed. If the breasts have a significant degree of droop to them, the accuracy of the simulation decreases. This is something I would discuss with you in person, so you can get an idea from me regarding how similar I feel I can get you to the simulation.


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