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A beautifully healed inconspicuous scar is the goal in any plastic surgery operation. Although if left alone scars usually settle down on their own accord, there are a number of strategies that can help scars to mature and soften more quickly. The first, and most important of these is regular moisturising and massaging of the scar. This can usually be started from around 3-weeks following surgery. A non-perfumed moisturising cream should be used, and the scar should be massaged for 5-10 minutes every day. If the scar feels firm and becomes slightly raised, it is important to be firmer with your massage. An ideal cream is Dermaclear High Potency Vitamin E cream – please enquire at Mr Pacifico’s office should you wish to purchase this.

In addition to massage, a number of products are commercially available that help with scarring. The most tried and tested are silicone products. These are available in either sticky-backed gel sheets or alternatively as gels that come in a tube. In order for these products to work properly, they need to be worn on the scar for 24 hours a day (apart from showering), every day for several months. Therefore quite a commitment is needed for them to work properly. They will not have any effect if only worn occasionally.

There are other products and technologies emerging that show promise in scar care, but research on these is still on going. These include certain lasers and microneedling techniques amongst others.

Well Healed & Mature Scar 1-year After Breast Augmentation

Well healed & mature scar 1-year after breast augmentation

Well Healed & Mature Scar 2-years After An Augmentation-mastopexy

Well healed & mature scar 2-years after an augmentation-mastopexy