Surgery Fees

This page is intended to give a guide of starting prices for some of the more popular procedures requested.

It is important to understand that the fees below include Mr Pacifico’s charges, the fees for the anaesthetist (if applicable) and the private hospital costs (which include the medical equipment, the operating theatre costs, hotel costs etc). After a consultation with Mr Pacifico, a breakdown of the specific charges relevant to you personally will be provided, as there may be variations in individual circumstances. Prices may also vary slightly between the different hospitals. Furthermore, the prices given below are assuming there are no additional procedures performed, and that you are otherwise fit and well, and do not require any additional procedures or investigations that would be considered outside what is routinely performed.

As you will see from other pages of the website, Mr Pacifico offers far more procedures than those listed below, however, the fees below are solely intended as a guide to the more commonly requested operations.

Procedure Prices in the region of
(correct as of September 2022)
Breast augmentation £7,800-8,705
Breast reduction £9,030
Augmentation-mastopexy £10,800-11,400
Abdominoplasty £9,970
Wide Awake facelift £7,560
Deep Plane lower Face/neck lift £15,000-20,000
Upper blepharoplasty £4,800
Lower blepharoplasty £6,200-7,500
Full consultation £250

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