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Coming to see a plastic surgeon can be a daunting thought, whether you are coming about a mole to be removed through to a facelift or breast reconstruction. Mr Pacifico is acutely aware of this and will immediately put you at ease with his warm, friendly and professional approach.

You will get most out of your consultation if you have had the opportunity to do some reading about the area you are interested in beforehand. Mr Pacifico highly recommends reading through the relevant information on the website prior to your appointment. This will allow a more in depth discussion between you, and you will get more out of the consultation.

On the whole the consultation will initially start with Mr Pacifico finding out about you, your reasons for coming and your expectations. He will then take a thorough medical history. This is followed by careful clinical examination and discussion about the options available to you. Marc will ensure you understand the pros and cons of different options so you can work out together the best plan for your further treatment.

There will be a lot of information to take in during the first consultation, but it is important not to worry about remembering everything: in addition to providing you with detailed written information, Mr Pacifico will write to you summarising your discussion, his examination findings and the potential plan that you discussed.

Mr Pacifico will normally invite you back for a second consultation around 2-weeks after the first. This allows you time to reflect on what has been discussed, and gives you an opportunity to read the written information provided as well as the letter you will receive about your consultation. Furthermore, by then you will have received a quote for the proposed procedure enabling you to consider the financial aspects. As part of the second consultation, Marc will take clinical photographs of the areas for planned treatment after obtaining your consent.

Marc believes strongly in a holistic approach to caring for all of his patients, and as part of the pre-operative journey offers a (free) consultation with his specialist nurses to further explore the treatment plan. It also allows an opportunity to discuss other important aspects of the treatment, such as surgical garments, bras, what to wear to hospital, what to expect and more.

Planning and booking surgery usually takes place at the second consultation. Any necessary pre-operative tests and investigations are also planned in the lead up to your surgery date.