Breast augmentation update

It’s been a busy time with lots of breast augmentations recently – with excellent, reliable and predictable results. Due to the wealth of research data, we know know that smooth round implants when placed under the muscle offer low short and long term complication rates, produce excellent aesthetic results and behave very naturally. Furthermore, studies have demonstrated that the “naturalness” of a breast augmentation result does not depend on the shape of implant, but by its projection. I.e. a teardrop (or anatomical) implant does not necessarily confer a natural appearing breast, and a round implant does not mean it has to be an augmented look.

Have a look at the result below – these are with high profile smooth round implants placed partially under the muscle (dual plane). I think the result is great. If a moderate profile implant was used, the resiult might have been even more natural and subtle.


I still use shaped implants for the right situation – especially with a low lying nipple, or when there is a slight droop to the breast that does not require a form of breast lifting.

At the end of the day, the right implant and right technique must be chosen for the right person, and this can only be done by a formal examination by an experienced and fully accredited plastic surgeon. If you are interested in breast augmentation, get in touch on 01892 619 635.

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