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The latest edition of the international plastic surgery journal JPRAS has just arrived on my desk. Two articles I have been a part of are published in the same issue, which is very rewarding. The lead article in the journal is a review of the stem cell related background on the safety of fat grafting to the breast (using fat as a natural filling material in the breast) – for a preview see here >. In this article, my co-authors and I urge caution and further research based on the available evidence when using fat as a graft into the breast, as we do not know for sure what the implications may be in relation to the development (or re-stimulation) of breast cancer.

The second article was an invited review of a nice study by an Italian group of plastic surgeons into the use of Mentor’s Spectra range of implants for use in breast asymmetry. They were particularly focussing on women with a small degree of breast asymmetry, and the use of these adjustable implants to more accurately correct the differences between the breasts during a breast augmentation procedure.

Some time off at the moment, then back to work in just over a week, hitting the ground running with a busy operating list and a full clinic to look forward to my first day back!