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The seasonality of plastic surgery!

Whilst it might not immediately be obvious, plastic surgery is quite a seasonal type of intervention. Whilst I am busy all year round, there are certain procedures that are always more in demand at certain times of year. As a rule, this time of year is very popular for breast surgery – with the thought of the summer coming up, it is not surprising. In the darker winter months, it tends to be the facelift season, when people have a chance to avoid too much socialising for the first 2-3 weeks after their surgery. It is also a good time for body contouring operations, such as abdominoplasty, which require the wearing of a garment for 6-weeks post-operatively. They are not too pleasant to wear in a heatwave!

However, some other plastic surgery operations seem to come at a steady rate throughout the year, such as rhinoplasty (nose jobs). Apart from the need for a splint for a week after surgery, and some taping of the nose for a further week after that, there is not too much regarding dressings to worry about.

If you would like to know more about any of these procedures, please have a look at the relevant pages on the website.