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Lip Lift

How do my patients discover lip lifts?

I am continually delighted by the positive feedback and great results achievable with an upper lip lift. Yet, despite the success of the procedure, it is still not widely known about. People will often recognise what they are unhappy about or self-conscious about regarding their facial proportions, but will be unlikely to be aware of the treatment options available to them.

I am always interested in the evolution of my patients’ thought processes, and I have recently asked a number how they found out about the lip lift, and the replies were really quite interesting.

My first question to them was: what is the first thing you put into Google that led you to the lip lift?

Some people “got lucky”, by typing in phrases such as: upper lip shortening, lifting the lips, or raising the lip. Others already knew about lip lifts, so were very direct: lip lift, upper lip lift, bullhorn lip lift, gullwing lip lift, Italian lip lift, Batman lip lift (and more!).

But the majority of people had no idea of the concept of a lip lift, so started, quite sensibly, with the issue that bothered them: how do I shorten the distance from my nose to mouth; long upper lip solutions; lower facial proportions; how to improve my mouth proportions.

I was pleased to hear that those in the latter group were instantly led to the lip lift as the ideal procedure (and particularly pleased to hear that Purity Bridge ranked highly on Google for lip lift procedures!). We are continuing to get more and more enquiries about upper lip lifts from patients all over the country, and some from abroad too.

As a result, we have streamlined the consultation process as we recognise the impracticalities of travelling hundreds of miles for a consultation and then coming back for further visits prior to the procedure. We now take Skype or telephone consultations (with the addition of photographs our patients have sent in for the telephone consultations), which has really helped our “out of town” patients.

If I am ever seeing anyone in person at the time of the procedure, having only communicated electronically beforehand, it is always on the proviso that the final decision to go ahead is taken after my in-person assessment. Due to the comprehensive consultation process beforehand, by the time people get to this stage of the process, they are normally entirely suitable to proceed, but I will never commit until I have seen them face-to-face.

So…had you heard of an upper lip lift before? Let me know – I’m always keen to find out how many are aware of this revolutionary procedure!