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Launch of Before and After Picture Gallery

There is a wealth of information available on the internet regarding plastic surgery, but one of the most valuable assets to making your decision regarding which plastic surgeon to see, is to view examples of their surgical results. In addition, seeing before and after pictures greatly aids your understanding of different procedures.

I am eternally grateful to my patients who have agreed to let me use their pictures in the forthcoming website Gallery. I will continue adding patients, with their permission, as well as details around the surgery displayed.

My strong advice, when looking at pre- and post-operative pictures, is to try to find a pre-operative picture that looks like you. A common problem I find in clinic is when patients show me examples of how they would like to look post-operatively (from pictures from magazines or the internet), yet their pre-operative shape or appearance is vastly different to that of the patient they desire to emulate. Therefore, an understanding of your shape and your body is vital to realistically assess what may or may not be achievable.

There is no substitute for a face-to-face consultation, where I will be able to guide and direct you, discussing what changes are feasible in you personally, after a careful examination. I hope this forthcoming Gallery proves useful as a guide, but please contact the practice to arrange an appointment for a full consultation.