Is Plastic Surgery for You?

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THE MOST COMMON REQUESTS I have are to discuss surgery about a patient’s breasts, face or body. People’s motivation for aesthetic surgery is wide-ranging and personal. It is important to choose your surgeon carefully and feel comfortable with them. It is also important to ensure you are fully informed about the outcomes of surgery, including possible complications that can occur. What follows is a brief overview of the frequently requested procedures:


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Breast enlargement remains the most popular operation. Silicone implants, which may be round or tear-drop shaped are used, depending upon the desired look. This can either be more subtle and natural or more obviously implanted (and there’s always somewhere in between). Breast lifting (mastopexy) with or without an enlargement at the same time is becoming increasingly popular, especially following pregnancies and breast-feeding. Finally breast reduction really offers a combination of improving the aesthetics of large breasts, but more importantly, often relieves largebreasted women of considerable back and neck ache, as well as having a variety of other benefits.

Surgery to rejuvenate the face should ideally result in a natural and fresh look, without any evidence of surgery (no windtunnel looks!). Ageing affects the area around the eyes first, and surgery to the eyelids can really brighten up someone’s face. If you are concerned with other areas of the face, such as the development of jowls and heavy folds in the face, a facelift is what is needed. Depending upon your individual needs, this would either be in the form of a short-scar facelift, or a full facelift.

Despite a healthy diet and exercise, many people find it difficult to lose all they want from their abdomen. This is especially true after pregnancy, as much of the excess is skin and subcutaneous fat, which will not disappear no matter how much effort is put in. The ideal operation for this is a tummy tuck, which may also have liposuction incorporated to provide a very rewarding result. Part of the procedure involves tightening up the stomach muscles on the inside, which helps to provide a shapely contour once the excess skin and fat are removed.

This is a very brief overview of some of the more common procedures that are requested. Mr Pacifico is giving an open informal presentation at The Brew House Hotel in Tunbridge Wells, at 7.30pm on Wednesday evening, 8th September, where he will talk in more depth about plastic surgery. People will also have a chance to speak to him personally following the talk.

Mr Pacifico consults on Wednesday evenings at The Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells Hospital T: 01892 619 635 W:


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