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I’d never have a facelift as they look terrible…

I hear this when I am out on a regular basis once people find out I’m a plastic surgeon. My reply?

“You’re talking about those that have had a bad facelift- you wouldn’t realise those that have had a good one!”

In fact, on one occasion I was able to list 3 people known to the person I was talking to who had had facelifts, much to her amazement.

The same can be applied to other areas of the body, and to other procedures. The goal of most cosmetic procedures is to freshen and brighten, or enhance and lift. The more natural appearing the result the better (in my opinion).

Therefore, my advice would be along the lines: if having a breast enlargement, don’t go too big; if having a tummy tuck, keep the scar as low as possible so it can be hidden; if having procedures around the eyes, avoid the starey eyed surprised look and if having your nose reshaped, ensure it looks natural and non overdone.

What does this highlight? Whatever area of the body you might consider altering – see someone reputable, ensure they are properly qualified, and make sure you see a variety of examples of their work before making a decision. It might be more expensive than going elsewhere…but what cost is your final result?