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Mr Marc Pacifico – Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells – discusses breast augmentation

Breast enlargement (or augmentation) is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. It is probably the procedure requiring the most decision making between patient and surgeon within plastic surgery. These decisions are vital in order to achieve the best possible results that are in keeping with the patient’s expectations. Decisions include style of implant, texture of implant, firmness of implant as well as many others.

Breast augmentation can create a natural look, a very augmented ‘Baywatch’ look or somewhere in between. Different types of implants and different surgical techniques are available to aim towards your desired look. Should you be considering a breast augmentation, it is therefore important to think how you would like your breasts to look afterwards. It is also important to understand that the shape of your breasts prior to surgery has a big influence on the achievable results.

What type of implants are there?
Implants maybe round or anatomical (tear drop shaped). As a rule, the anatomical implants result in a more natural look when not wearing a bra, and the round implants provide more upper-pole fullness (i.e. there is more breast volume above the nipple). Both types of implants come in a range of projections – this means that for each implant, there is a small, medium and large version each providing a bigger augmentation for a given breast size respectively.

How is a breast augmentation done?
The operation which is performed under a general anaesthetic (when you are asleep), may be done in a number of ways; but broadly speaking the implant may be placed directly under the breast tissue or under the muscle beneath the breast. Each method has its pros and cons and the right technique for you should be established after careful examination and discussion.


What other procedures may be needed?

Some women, especially after pregnancy and breast-feeding, may have a droop to their breasts that requires a breast uplift (mastopexy) in addition to an augmentation. If your breasts droop a breast lift may be vital to prevent a ‘double bubble’ deformity (where the breast tissue appears to hang off the end of the implant). Overall, breast augmentation provides a high satisfaction rate amongst patients. The key is to be sure about what your goals are and that you have found the right surgeon for you. Mr Pacifico consults on Wednesday evenings at Nuffield Health, Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

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