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Blogging about Purity Bridge and the practice in general

It has been a little while since I have updated this section of the website, as life continues to be as busy as ever (not something I am complaining about!). Purity Bridge grows from strength to strength, and I feel it was an excellent decision to open a private clinic. The feedback from my patients/clients has been tremendous, although there is still much work to be done to get to where I would like us to be.

Sue Mitchell, my specialist nurse, has a rapidly expanding client base for muscle-relaxing injections, dermal fillers and facial peels. She is an absolute expert in these areas, so comes highly recommended!  She also excels at thread vein treatment on legs, using sclerotherapy, to help make those unsightly veins disappear.

Both of my plastic surgical colleagues Nora Nugent and Darryl Coombes are gradually building up their presence at Purity Bridge, and both will be joining me at the end of the month (on 29th April) for our free mole check event. Places are almost all gone, so if you are interested in having expert opinion and advice on any moles, marks or scars you may have, please get in touch.

I will keep updating this blog when the opportunities arise – and, as ever, I will continue to post thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.