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Welcome to the practice

I would like to welcome you personally to my website. As a consultant plastic surgeon based at Purity Bridge in Royal Tunbridge Wells, and practising at a number of private hospitals in Kent and Sussex I understand the vital importance in making the right choices at every step of your potential surgical (or non-surgical) journey.

Of course there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting or consultation to talk about the procedure you have in mind or the area that you are concerned with, but I hope that the material I have written here provides you with a detailed platform to start your research into plastic surgery.

I endeavour to provide a holistic approach, tailored to each individual, as plastic surgery is not only a physical transformation, but can also effect a psychological or emotional change. Please visit the other pages on the website that discuss this in more detail, as I feel this is an important, and often neglected, part of the process.

Finally, I welcome any feedback you may have about the website, my practice or anything else you may feel relevant. Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.


Recent news


We are hosting another one of our most popular events at Purity Bridge on 30th October - All About Breasts. This has been planned in National Breast Awareness Month and will feature me speaking alongside Consultant Breast Surgeon, Haresh Devalia, as well as Consultant Plastic Surgery Colleague and fellow Purity Bridge Surgeon, Nora Nugent. It is a ladies only event, and will feature a live demonstration on breast self-examination. In addition, we will be discussing breast cancer, breast surgery (both aesthetic and reconstructive) and how the changes that effect the breast after pregnancy can be addressed. Please do joing us for the event by phoning Purity Bridge on 01892 536 960 or emailing

Tunbridge Wells Plastic Surgery - medical insurance company recognition

I am delighted to report that Tunbridge Wells Plastic Surgery (TWPS), at 6 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, has now received full facility recognition by all major private health insurers for minor surgical procedures to be performed there. These would be done by me, as well as some other specialist consultant surgical colleagues. The sorts of procedures we can perform include skin cancer removal (e.g. BCC removal), mole removal, scar revision, cyst removal and much more. If you have private healthcare, please ask your GP to write a letter of referral, which is required to activate the private health insurance process. I look forward to seeing you at Tunbridge Wells Plastic Surgery soon!

Breast Surgery - "boob jobs"

We are continuing to get many people requesting surgery to their breasts, colloquially known as a boob job. Surgery to the breast can take a number of forms - enlargements (breast implants), breast reductions, breast lifts (mastopexy), combinations of enlargements and lifts (augmentation mastopexy). In addition, there are  procedures that can be done to nipples, such as correction of inverted nipples, or nipple reductions. Please see the relevant pages of the website for more information, and book to make a consultation to find out more - either with me, or a complimentary consultation with Sue Mitchell, my specialist nurse at the Purity Bridge clinic.

Fat transfer breast enlargement

I am getting an ever increasing number of patients seeking breast enlargement using their own fat (also known as lipofilling or fat grafting). Conceptually this is a great procedure - reduce the fat from one area, and use that to enlarge the breasts. There are various aspects about this procedure that you can read about here › which are important to understand prior to going ahead with this procedure. The only certain way of knowing if you are a suitable candidate would be to come for a full consultation and examination. Please contact the clinic to arrange an appointment (01892 619 635)


Mr Pacifico and patient education websites
I am very much involved in continuing patient education. Please visit some of the following very informative websites for more information - they can be very helpful for people thinking about plastic surgery or for those with concerns after surgery.  Please see here for more details ›

Please also see my feature articles here at and



Treatments & Procedures

Surgery to the face is usually performed to refresh and revitalise a tired or aged appearance. This may be done by surgery to the brow (browlift), surgery to the upper or lower eyelids (blepharoplasty), a face or neck lift or through other procedures. Please visit the webpages on the relevant topics for further information.

Plastic surgery to the body aims to improve the contours of the body. This may be using fat reduction procedures (such as liposuction) or surgery to remove excess skin and fat (such as a tummy tuck or a body lift). There are a wide variety of possible options for body contouring and it is important to have the treatment tailored to you as an individual. Please visit the webpages on the relevant topics for further information.

Reconstructive surgery refers to any plastic surgery procedure that restores form and/or function to the body. This includes breast reconstruction (such as a DIEP flap or an implant based reconstruction), reconstruction for skin cancer excision (facial reconstruction for example) or for a wide variety of other soft tissue defects. Please visit the webpages on the relevant topics for further information.

Plastic surgery to the breast includes both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Aesthetic procedures may enlarge the breast (breast augmentation), lift the breast (mastopexy), enlarge and lift the breast (augmentation-mastopexy) or reduce the size of the breasts (breast reduction). Other procedures on the breast may also be performed such as correction of an inverted nipple (nipple eversion) and correction of tuberous (or tubular) breasts. Please visit the webpages on the relevant topics for further information.

Non-surgical techniques, principally concerned with muscle relaxation (through Botulinum toxin injections) and using synthetic fillers (such as hyaluronic acid) may be used to refresh and rejuvenate the face. These procedures may usually be done as an outpatient with minimal downtime. Please visit the webpages on the relevant topics for further information.