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Update from The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Meeting, Geneva, September 2012

This year’s biennial meeting of ISAPS (The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) in Geneva was inspirational. Not only did it feature a truly international faculty (from Germany to the USA, and Brazil to Australia!), it highlighted some really exciting developments in the specialty.

What particularly caught my attention were:

Facial rejuvenation: Exciting advances in the use of fat grafting to the face and around the eyes to subtly rejuvenate these areas, with or without the use of additional surgery were discussed. In addition, safer facelifting strategies were talked about, with the aim of giving the best and most natural overall result, with the least risk, and importantly, the shortest recovery time.

Abdominal contouring:The possibility of doing tummy tucks (abdominoplasties) and leavingnoscar around the belly button! This would be a truly fantastic technique if proved to be successful. The early attempts look promising, and I am keen to try this on the appropriate patient.

Nose surgery:A wealth of experience from around the world talked on rhinoplasties. The famous Wolfgang Gubisch, from Stuttgart, Germany explained how he has perfected the art of complete nose straightening. The technique is complex and very involved, so I plan to visit his unit in Stuttgart next year to see in person the way he does things.

Breast surgery:More developments on the internal mastopexy – a technique I first learnt in Australia, and one that needs more time to prove it will last, but very exciting nevertheless as it leaves no more scars than a breast augmentation. Again, patient selection is key – so it is a technique reserved for the right person, decided on after careful examination.

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