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I decided a couple of years ago to enter the, what I thought, unreal world of cosmetic surgery.  I have never had a tattoo, my ears pierced or anything else I would shudder at – so how desperate was I when I signed up for a lower face and neck lift together with a course of tca peels (whatever they were).

At 57 I looked 67 having smoked, drank alcohol, been stressed and not really paid attention to my skin except the occasional moisturiser when dry.  No photographs existed of me after 55 and I used to sit in front of the mirror and look at all this crepe skin and baggy jowls.

I used the BAPRAS website as a starting point and plumped for a surgeon. Oh, how professional is Mr. Pacifico and his team at Purity Bridge. YES, I can say this as he wasn’t the first surgeon I picked (lets be honest, unless you go by referral how the heck are you supposed to choose one) – the difference was he listened to what I wanted, didn’t tell me I needed more, completely put me at my ease and what’s more he was right!   He is patient, honest about the facts and tells it warts and all about the procedures. At my first consultation I also met Sue, the aesthetic nurse, who would be involved right though to the end-you can discuss anything with this gal.


Unlike other operations I entered hospital calm and quite eager to get on with things as I had made my decision to have a lower face and neck lift.  Mr. Pacifico arrived and as usual made me smile as he drew his guidelines on my face. OK, now the nitty gritty.

My daughter was waiting as I was wheeled back, all be peering at me through open fingers only to exclaim Amazing! No bandages just a row of very neat stitches down each side of my face. The worst part is the gunk they put in your hair which hardens and you can’t wash it out till the next day.  I was numb in front and behind my ears and randomly 1 ear lobe. I have only ever had 1 dose of paracetamol  so no pain.  On day 3 I resembled a gerbel with his mouth full.  Curiously, although my neck bruised my face did not except for when I banged heads with my granddaughter 5 days post op – that’s me for you.

TCA Peels

After having a lower face and neck lift it was time for the finishing touches in a course of 4 tca peels.

I arrived curious and somewhat daunted but willing to give it a go.  Sue was brilliant as she had been throughout the face lift and explained every step of the way.

As the peel is applied,  your face begins to smart building as it slowly frosts at which time Sue slaps some sort of cream on which instantly removes the stinging and that’s it till next week and round 2.  3 days later you being to peel. You absolutely have to apply moisturiser regularly as your face feels tight but that is all. You can still go out and about.

As the biggest sceptic in the world I saw no difference after the 2nd round but kept at it.  By the 3rd, most definite improvement especially on my cheeks. I have now had the full 4 treatments and are delighted with the results.  My face looks smoother and somehow more alive than it did before.  I haven’t stopped smiling since.

If you are dithering, don’t – trust these guys they know what they are doing.  If you want to know anything from a patient point of view, I am on the end of the phone.