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A couple of years ago my health hit a bump in the road.  Anyway without boring you with the details, I’d gained weight and was left feeling frumpy, bumpy and lumpy and inside I was miserable!  I had to do something about it and so started researching my options.  With my main concern being on my inner thighs I knew that surgery would be the best way forward to address my immediate discomfort. Of course I had other areas that needed attention but resolved to deal with those myself over time.

After talking it over with my husband the decision was made and so  I embarked on my search for a surgeon who could help me. Obviously it was my own responsibility to find someone with suitable qualifications, background and experience.  I remembered seeing a program about the McIndoe Surgical Centre some years ago which was really interesting and so started my search there.  I didn’t have to look for long.   I was really impressed  after reading Mr Pacifico’s profile and followed this with an appointment to see him for an initial consultation.

I found Mr Pacifico to be open and friendly.  I felt reassured and at ease following a very informative discussion and was left in no doubt regarding Mr Pacifico’s abilities.  During the consultation the pro’s and con’s were highlighted and all aspects of the surgery and aftercare were addressed.  Mr Pacifico was very thorough and any worries or concerns I may have had were completely allayed.

A date was set, the surgery went ahead (without a hitch) and I’m now a year on and couldn’t be happier with the results which incidentally have completely exceeded my expectations.   I thought I was going to be slightly challenging in what I had said I would like because I really had “packed it on” so to speak.   I’m honestly amazed and over the moon with the results following my surgery.  I’m so happy with what Mr Pacifico has done for me and will always be grateful.

In case anyone’s interested Mr Pacifico has also performed and upper Blepharoplasty on me and I’m super delighted with that too.  Following this procedure I was ID’d in Waitrose whilst buying a bottle of red.  I believe you have to be at least 25 years of age for alcoholic purchases, I’m 43!  I know!!  I’m still dining out on that one but who wouldn’t?  RESULT!

I believe Mr Pacifico really cares about his patients and truly wants the best for them.   The care and attention I received was second to none and I would not hesitate for a second in recommending him.  I feel without doubt that I have received a first class service From Mr Pacifico and his team and have been in safe hands throughout.


Ok, I have known Mr Pacifico for several years now and have recently returned for a tweak! I am without question, still delighted and encouraged by the results and care I have again received.  Surgery I have found isn’t just life changing but also a journey upon which you will find continued support from Mr Pacifico and his team.