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My decision to have breast reduction surgery has been a life changing experience for me, as for the last two years I had noticed that my breasts were getting larger (even though I had lost over a stone in weight) and one noticeably more than the other.  This was having a real effect on my confidence and how I was dressing, always in black, baggy tops.  My self-esteem was very low.

The other effect making this decision hard was the fact that I have a severe phobia of hospitals, doctors and all the questions and examinations that go along with that.  I do not find it very easy talking about myself, but I knew I had to overcome this fear in order to feel better about myself and how it was affecting my life.

I should not have worried, my first meeting with Mr Pacifico put me completely at ease with his pleasant manner, and he filled me with confidence and listened to ME.  He immediately understood my reasons for wanting the surgery and after a physical examination told me he could help and reduce my breasts to make me feel normal again.

Three weeks later and it is surgery day.  Mr Pacifico came in and drew lots of lines on my breasts where he would make the incisions, I was so nervous but still certain I was doing the right thing.  When I came round I had a drain coming out of each side and a wide band round my chest, fastened at the front with Velcro.  The drains were removed the following morning and I was discharged wearing a sports bra.

I was not in pain just very tired which lasted for a few days.  Looking at my breasts, even with the tape covering the incisions I was pleased I had gone through with it, they looked amazing.

Two weeks later the tape came off and I saw the scars for the first time, not nearly as bad as I thought they would be.

Four weeks on, and having been careful not to over do things, the tiredness and wearing a sports bra 24/7, the only discomfort I can describe are pins and needles all over my breasts, but not really much pain.  Now it is just time, patience and massage with Bio oil or E45 until the six week check, the all clear, then off shopping!!!  Knowing I can go and buy all the pretty lingerie and strappy tops that I could only look at before.  I am able to wear anything now with my new found confidence.  Grateful thanks go to Mr Pacifico, this really has changed my life and was worth every penny.