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PIP implant update

Last week was a very interesting PIP-related week: I hosted an open evening Q&A session at the Nuffield Tunbridge Wells Hospital for patients worried about PIP implants. My colleague, breast surgeon Haresh Devalia, was with me and we felt it was a real success. There was a very relaxed and open atmosphere with people asking pertinent questions, and it allowed us to put certain myths to bed, whilst also giving an honest account of the situation from our perspective.

The following evening I gave a talk to around 40 GPs from in and around the Tunbridge Wells area on PIP implants. Again, it was refreshing to be able to put across my point of view in the talk, and engage in a constructive discussion with the group afterwards. Most of the GPs seemed to have seen at least one patient with PIP implants, and many had seen several. I was able to give advice to them in relation to how to handle a consultation, as well as where to go for advice and what investigations are appropriate.