How do I decide on the right implant shape for you?

There is a common misconception by many people I see in consultations that a round breast implant will produce a more artificial look, whereas an anatomical (teardrop) implant will look more natural. This is based on a combination of mis-information, but also the fact that a round implant on the office desk does not look very breast-like, but an anatomical implant has the appearance of a breast (in shape). Therefore the diagram below is actually not at all accurate!

Round v. Anatomical

In reality, the right implant must be chosen for the right breast shape and breasts, of course, come in all shapes and sizes. In addition, nipple position varies, as do chest wall shapes, position of the breast on the chest wall, distribution of breast tissue, breast volume and more. Therefore, there isn’t a “one-size fits all” approach when it comes to having a breast augmentation.


As a rule, if your breast width and height are about equal, and your nipple position is not low, then a round implant is probably perfect for you and can produce a really natural result. The main contribution to looking unnatural is the projection of the implant – that is, how far the implant projects from your chest. Therefore a moderate projecting round implant can often look a lot more natural than a highly projecting anatomical implant.


From my point of view, if the breast has a pleasing shape before surgery, then a round implant can help augment and increase the breast size, whilst maintaining the good shape. This is illustrated in the photo below – a natural breast augmentation using round implants.

Natural breast shape with round implantsIf, however, it is desirable to change the breast shape – perhaps because of a slight droop, or because the nipples are lying low – then the shape of an anatomical implant can be utilised to re-shape the breast around the implant, thereby improving the shape of the breast.


So, for example, when I see someone with a wide breast, with a short height (so the breast “footprint” is a sideways oval), then using an anatomical implant can really induce a change of shape for the better.


So, when it comes to deciding on what shape of implant to use, the key is first of all to understand your own breast shape, and how that impacts on having a breast augmentation. For me, that is a key part of the consultation process. The implant must be chosen to suit you as an individual at the end of the day.


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