Dr Instagram…

With so much information out there on the Internet of a variety of quality, it can be hard to know where to look for credible and honest information. Social media is such a dominant presence on-line, that many doctors are using it to educate and update their followers about a wide range of topics.

I have been using Instagram for just over a year, and I’ve found it incredibly helpful to demonstrate and discuss all sorts of aspects of plastic surgery. These include how operations are done (with some actual video clips from the operating theatre), updates on the world of plastic surgery (as well as the latest news from conferences around the world) and educational pieces and photographs that I hope my followers find interesting!

My Instagram handle is @marcpacifico – why not have a look (and follow me!) to see the sort of content I post.

With such a fast paced and ever-moving world, I think Instagram provides an excellent platform for me to keep you informed and educated about my world of #plasticsurgery

If you have any questions or would like me to post on particular topics, please let me know, or message me directly on Instagram!

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