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With so much information out there on the Internet of a variety of quality, it can be hard to know where to look for credible and honest information. Social media is such a dominant presence on-line, that many doctors are using it to educate and update their followers about a wide range of topics.

I have been using Instagram for just over a year, and I’ve found it incredibly helpful to demonstrate and discuss all sorts of aspects of plastic surgery. These include how operations are done (with some actual video clips from the operating theatre), updates on the world of plastic surgery (as well as the latest news from conferences around the world) and educational pieces and photographs that I hope my followers find interesting!

My Instagram handle is @marcpacifico – why not have a look (and follow me!) to see the sort of content I post.

With such a fast paced and ever-moving world, I think Instagram provides an excellent platform for me to keep you informed and educated about my world of #plasticsurgery

If you have any questions or would like me to post on particular topics, please let me know, or message me directly on Instagram!

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Highly Commended at the Diamond Awards for Safety in Beauty

On 7th July I attended my first Diamond Awards for Safety in Beauty, one of the most prestigious awards events in UK aesthetics and plastic surgery. It really focuses on patient safety, quality of outcomes, patient feedback and overall performance as a clinician.


I was very honoured to have been nominated in the category of Best Cosmetic Surgeon (I have been told it was by a colleague and two patients, but I am not allowed to know who!), and it was a great evening catching up with friends and colleagues, as well as a very glamorous event in itself.


With colleagues Naveen Cavale, Miles Berry and Nilesh Sojitra

I was even more surprised on the night to have my name read out as one of those to have been Highly Commended (although they did spell Marc with a “k”!). A big congratulations to my friend and colleague Taimur Shouaib who won on the night – a very worthy winner!



The nominees are announced…and a nervous wait to see who won!

The evening raised many thousands of pounds for charity and is something I was very privileged to have been part of. Well done to Antonia Mariconda who organised the event and runs the non-for profit Safety in Beauty campaign.



With the evening’s surgical winner, Taimur Shouaib


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Breast Awareness Event

I am delighted that I will be hosting another ladies only Breast Awareness Event in October, again, with my colleagues Nora Nugent and Haresh Devalia. We are lucky to be co-locating the event in Cripps, the major Tunbridge Wells legal firm (opposite Purity Bridge).

We will be covering everything from what to do if you find a lump, how to self-examine, what the process is if a diagnosis of breast cancer is made, treatment options, reconstruction and restorative breast surgery. There will be fizz and nibbles, as well as amazing raffle prizes on the night, with donations going to Breast Cancer Care.


Place – Cripps – 22 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells TN4 8AE

Time – 19.00

Contact – info@puritybridge.co.uk or 01892 536960

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Mentor Course in Surgical Excellence – Hamburg May 2017

I was honoured to be invited to be on the faculty of the prestigious annual meeting held in Hamburg, Germany with the theme of: Shaping the Beautiful Breast in Complex Breast Surgery. The team certainly made me work hard whilst I was there, with several presentations, panel discussions and moderating the closing session – which meant keeping the 250 delegates from 25 countries engaged and entertained as I challenged the panel of expert international surgeons on the stage with me, and also challenged the delegates themselves!

There is never a time at a meeting such as this when I haven’t learnt new things. This meeting was no exception! I think the main learning points for me were:


  1. Hearing of an alternative way to approach the tuberous breast – from the renowned Dennis von Heimburg, from Frankfurt
  2. Hearing about the very latest research into ALCL from Anand Deva from Sydney. It has confirmed that the implant surface and manufacturer is very closely related to the cases of this very rare type of breast lymphoma. Fortunately Mentor implants, which are the main brand of implants that I use, have the lowest rates of association (1 in 60,631) compared with other textured implants
  3. It was confirmed that the implant preparation solution that I use is the best that we have to date (which was of course very reassuring)
  4. A novel idea to demonstrate what effect a mastopexy can have was illustrated by one of the faculty members – using Micropore tape to literally tape up the breasts to approximate their future position. The thing I liked about this, is it provided a very good communication tool in cases where the addition of an implant may be needed (as it demonstrates that the upper pole of the breast is not filled long term)
  5. Finally, a modification of the technique I use in massive weight loss patients when performing a breast lift was shown which gave some very nice results. Something I will be sure to try in the appropriate patient.

I await the formal feedback regarding how my talks were received, but everyone was very complimentary at the time…I hope all will be confirmed, as I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the expert panel, and was flattered to be up there beside some of the great names in breast Plastic Surgery.

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Open evening dates for 2017…

I will be taking part in the following events – it would be great to see you there!


27th April 2017 – 19.00 – Purity Bridge, Tunbridge Wells – 01892 536960/info@puritybridge.co.uk 

FREE MOLE CHECKING EVENT – if you have a mole, skin lesion, lump or bump and have any concerns, then please come along to a free mole checking event at Purity Bridge


18th May 2017 – 19.00 – The McIndoe Centre, East Grinstead – 0800 917 4922 

COSMETIC SURGERY OPEN EVENING – I will be giving an informal talk, particularly focussing on facial ageing and techniques to address this, as well as the Mummy Makeover – surgery to the breasts and abdomen.


8th June 2017 – 19.00 – Purity Bridge, Tunbridge Wells – 01892 536960/info@puritybridge.co.uk 

COSMETIC SURGERY EVENING – we will be hosting an evening of free mini-consultations for cosmetic surgery procedures


6th July 2017 – 19.00 – Purity Bridge, Tunbridge Wells – 01892 536960/info@puritybridge.co.uk 

FREE MOLE CHECKING EVENT – if you have a mole, skin lesion, lump or bump and have any concerns, then please come along to a free mole checking event at Purity Bridge

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Open evenings in February

I am delighted to be hosting two open evenings in February – at different locations, so hopefully one of them will be convenient for you!

The McIndoe Centre – East Grinstead – 2nd February 2017, 7pm

Phone to book on – 0800 917 4922

One Ashford Hospital – Ashford – 21st February 2017, 8pm

These will both be informal evenings, with a short presentation I will give. This will cover various aspects of plastic surgery, facial ageing, treatment choices and more.

There will also be time to ask questions after the talk as well as time to see me discreetly should there be questions you may have that you would prefer to ask privately.

Please do come and join me!

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The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Meeting – Madrid, November 2016

I was honoured to be invited to speak at the Inaugural International Meeting of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in early November. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience – both for what I learnt, and for how hospitable the Spanish Plastic Surgeons were.


It is always interesting to share ideas and thoughts, and to see what plastic surgeons agree on and disagree on – there is never any shortage of robust (but polite and friendly) argument about certain topics. These include breast and facial plastic surgery, through to nose reshaping and even philosophies on practice management.


I had an opportunity to meet some of my plastic surgery heroes, such as Mark Codner, from Atlanta in the US, whose teachings and works in the past really helped me to understand the anatomy and techniques for lower eyelid lifts. Richard Bensimon from Portland, US, showed how effective deeper facial peels can be at improving fine lines, wrinkles and pigment spots with some amazing results (more of this to come in my practice, I am sure) and Mario Pelle-Ceravolo from Rome was inspirational in his lateral thinking in plastic surgery as well as his impressive surgical techniques and results. I particularly liked his concepts in neck lifting and look forward to reading his paper that will be published in February.


Baris Cakir from Istanbul is a master nose-reshaping surgeon and Douglas Steinbrech from New York (and Beverley Hills) opened my eyes about what can be done for men. It was also good to see Olivier Gerbault again, from Paris, who was in London for our BAAPS meeting too and Naresh Joshi from London, who has a great philosophy on eyelid surgery.

An obligatory selfie! With Francisco Bravo (Spain), Baris Cakir (Turkey) & Doug Steinbrech (USA)

Needless to say, the Spanish were warm and hospitable, and we ate well, enjoying Spanish food and wine after the concentration of each day’s lectures, panel discussions and video discussions.


After 3-days of intense lectures, I have come back to the UK with my head buzzing full of ideas and excitement. I look forward to seeing how I might introduce some of the concepts I have learnt about into my practice, as I could really see the benefits that they will give my patients.

At the faculty dinner with fantastic Spanish cuisine!

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The Purity Bridge Breast Awareness Evening!

I am very excited to be organising our annual Purity Bridge Breast Awareness Event on Wednesday 19th October at 7pm

I will be joined by my plastic surgery colleague, Nora Nugent, and breast surgery colleague Haresh Devalia for a thoroughly educational evening. We will be discussing breast health, what to do if you find a lump, breast reconstruction and post pregnancy or weight loss breast surgery.

The star of the night is Ruth, who will bravely be baring all to allow a live demonstration of how to examine your breasts.

Please come along – phone 01892 536 960 or email info@puritybridge.co.uk


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Marc Pacifico Open Evenings

Below are the forthcoming public open evenings Mr Pacifico will be hosting in 2016

Purity Bridge Cosmetic Surgery Open Evening

Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 07:30 PM

I am looking forward to being joined by my colleagues Nora Nugent and Lisa Brendling to host an open evening in early June. We will be discussing a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, as well as non-surgical treatments we offer at Purity Bridge. These evenings are informal and informative, and are a great way of finding out a bit more about a procedure you might be considering. They also give you an opportunity to find out the facts from the experts, and clarifying what can be very confusing information often seen on the internet!

Wednesday June 8, 2016 at 07:30 PM

Purity Bridge, 6 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8AS

Call – 01892 536 960 or email info@puritybridge.co.uk

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Launch of New Specialist Breast Website

As a significant part of my private practice is composed of aesthetic breast surgery I decided to launch a parallel website solely devoted to plastic surgery to the breast. This can be found at www.breastplasticsurgeon.net, and I hope by devoting a site purely to breast, breast blogs and breast plastic surgery information, I will be able to provide more specialist and niche information and views to those interested. I will still be posting blogs to my main site, including on breast-related topics.

As ever, I am always keen to hear feedback on new initiatives (good and bad!) so I can continue to improve the content of my websites, so feel free to let me know what you think! The site has content about procedures such as breast augmentation (breast enlargement), breast reduction, breast lift (mastopexy), breast lift with implants (augmentation mastopexy), male breast surgery (gynaecomastia) and more. In addition I have a section on breast conditions, such as breast asymmetry and tuberous breast correction. Part of the site is also devoted to post breast cancer reconstruction, using techniques such as DIEP and TRAM flap as well as implant techniques and LD flaps (latissimus dorsi flap).

In due course, I plan to launch other parallel sites, devoted to facial surgery and body contouring surgery, but those are a little way off! Time is precious and limited so I need to take one step at a time. So for other areas of special interest to me, such as facelifts, rhinoplasty and surgery to the eyelids I will continue to post items on my main site (here!).

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